[vroom vroom motherfucker]

47 years old and still as awesome as ever..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!! (April 24th 1967)

Jody’s so awesome~ bwaa!

Also, maaaaan I love her hair 8| ❤️

Watching it on tv~ ;u;

Yeah it’s so rare I just nees to immortalize this moment x’D

I found these buddies today~
‘Sam! I have the demon-blade! Let’s go!’
‘Wait! I have the demon-blade also!’

giddily waiting infront of TV already…heheee

though, as I’m not here alone (there seems to be hockey on), I will get to start watching a little bit later than it actually starts (it’s recording _while I watch so I just start the episode when the TV is free and watch till the end. XD)


ROADTRIP: Vancouver, Supernatural set visit (April 21st)

It was our last day in Vancouver and we had completely given up hope of catching any Supernatural filming. So, on Monday morning, as we were visiting their previous filming locations in the Delta area (where many parts of the show were filmed, such as the crossroad scenes, Roadhouse exteriors and the gas station bit where Castiel first speaks to Dean), we accidentally bumped into a location sign.. 

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#dean’s love of the shower room is such a thing for me #not only in the very obvious imagery of cleansing etc. #but just #the nature of a bathroom is about cleanliness in all respects #but most of all #about maintaining a presentation to the rest of the world #where the mirror #as the focal point #is where you can analyse your prsentation and keep it in check #Dean looking in the mirror then is about searching for himself #but also about him tyring to put himself together for the outside world #that unkind place that would judge him for his choices and his being #when all he wants to do is help the ones he loves #and Dean#he loves everyone #the bathroom is vitally and paradoxically a place of truths and a place of lies #the only place #where both can exist at once #ugh yeah i’m emotions  (via dirtyovercoats)


#did anybody else hear that #it was my heart shattering #again

Oooo! Awesomeeeeee, I just found out that I will actually get to see Supernatural on TV tomorrow yeaaaaa!
My sister’s place has the right channels and all! Hiii! Actually watching spn on TV when it airs, wow x’D


Keep your promise and bring me to heaven.
Take me away from this place.
Keep your promise and bring me to heaven.
I’m tired of being afraid.
I’ve lost my hope of a new day.

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